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Programmable ink chip for MikaChipV2.0

Programmable ink chip. It works with the resetter Mikachip 2.0. In case you need a spare set of chips or you lost your original ones - this is perfect fit.


It is sutable for Mimaki inks BS4, AS5, SB300, SB310, SB320, SB410, SB411, SB414, SB420, SB610, SB54, SB610, LUS170, LUS175, LUS120, LUS150, LUS200, LUS210, LUS350 LUS125, CS100, CS300, AC300, LX101, SU100, RC300, LH100* (1L), PR100, PR200, UVijetLF, EUVv2, EUV, ESM, ESM2, ESM3.


We can produce customized chips with your logo or company name (min. order apply)


Capacity is 1L or 2L. 

Programmable ink chip for MikaChipV2.0

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