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Rewritable Chip Emulator for Mimaki LUS and other ink types

Rewritable Chip Emulator for Mimaki Printers UCJV, UJV, UJF, CJV, JV, JFX, TX.

Set includes 1 Rewritable Chip Emulator, a programming cable and a software. 

The Rewritable Chip Emulator is compatible with Mimaki printers as follows:


The Rewritable Chip Emulator can be loaded with data files for the following ink types: BS4, AS5, SB300, SB310, SB320, SB410, SB411, SB414, SB420, SB610, SB54, SB610, LUS170, LUS175, LUS120, LUS150, LUS200, LUS210, LUS350 LUS125, CS100, CS300, AC300, LX101, SU100, RC300, LH100* (1L), PR100, PR200, UVijetLF and others. 


You need as many chip emulators as slots in your printer and only 1 programming cable. (Eg. 4 slots for CMYK -  set of 4 chip emulators, 6 slots - set of 6 chip emulators, 8 slots - set of 8 chip emulators)


You can load a data file of any ink type and color into the Rewritable Ink Chip Emulator. We have an extensive library of ink data files.


Each Rewritable Chip Emulator comes with a free set of 4 data files. The additional data file is 5.5 USD. (Depending on the cartridge you use, 1 file is equivalent to 600ml, 1L or 2L of ink. Once ink level counts to 0%, you need to load another data file into the Rewritable Chip Emulator and so on)


Video how it works


Free EMS Shipping Worldwide.

DHL shipping is avaliable on request.

Rewritable Chip Emulator for Mimaki LUS and other ink types

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