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FormLabs Resin Cartridge Chip Bypass

Resin Chip Bypassing Kit for FormLabs 3D Printers Form 2 & Form 3


Replace an original FormLabs chip on the resin cartridge with the Bypassing Kit and open your printer to other resin manufacturers.


Chip Bypassing Kit comes as assembled tool, and you don’t need to drill or solder your resin cartridge to install it.


Chip Bypassing Kit is designed to replace resin chip in Form 2 and Form 3 3D printers.


Bypassing Kit includes:


1. Chip emulator

2. FFC Cable

3. Holder for Bypass

4. Bypass

5. Doubled sided tape

6. Software

Please note cartridge is not included


EMS delivery worldwide

FormLabs Resin Cartridge Chip Bypass