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Auto Ink Refill Machine

Ink Filling Machine is engineered and developed for automatic filling of bags, pouches and any other packaging with ink, solvent, primer, and other liquids.An advanced technology used in the filling machine allows the ink bag to fill at a high speed of 50 ml/min.

The Ink Filling Machine has a dynamic volume measuring unit which allows the ink bag to fill with high accuracy of ±1ml.

The Ink Filling Machine has two modes – auto and manual. Settings are very easy – once you set up the ink amount, the machine will pump it in with exact volume filling precision. In auto mode you can choose any ink amount from 20 ml to 5 L.

A manual mode allows you to pump ink in and pump ink out from an ink bag or bottle of any volume. The Ink Filling Machine includes peristaltic pumps to reduce impact on the ink, also the Ink Filling Machine contains replaceable ink filters to prevent print head nozzles from blocking.

The Ink Filling Machine is designed in a modular way and can be easily modified for different liquid types and bag types – a versatile bag holder allows the use of different ink bags, ink bottles or any other packaging for liquids.

Simple design and user-friendly settings of the Ink Filling Machine allow users to fill ink bags with a touch of a button.



Input voltage: 110 – 240 AC

Operating voltage: 12V, 3A DC

Filling capacity: Min 20ml Max 5000ml

Filling accuracy: ±1ml

Filling speed: 50ml/min

Operational temperature: +15 to +32 C

Weight: 3 kg

Dimensions: 20 cm X 12 cm X 8 cm

Auto Ink Refill Machine

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